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Standards:Apply for Event Sanctioning

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Those wishing to have an event sanctioned should fill out an online application using the IDEA OAS Online Application System. Complete information on using the system can be found in the article "An Introduction to Using the Online Application System" idebate, Vol. 6, Issue One, p. 46-50. The information below summarizes that process.

The URL for the Online Application System is Accessing the system requires Mozilla Foxfire Version 1.0 or higher or Internet Explorer Version 5.0 and higher.

For interest of internet security, OAS will log the individual out after (at most) 20 minutes of inactivity so make sure to save work frequently.

Note the indicated limits on word count and entry length before you start typing since most fields in OAS have limits on the amount of text that can be entered.

Supplemental documents can be attached to answers.

Creating an Account

  • Click the 'New User' link.
  • Click on 'Register a Organization Account'.
  • Fill out the required information on the registration page. Putting yourself down as an organizational contact person doesn't automatically create your individual account.
  • Choose a username and password and fill in the fields. The information you add here will automatically appear in other applications you fill out.
  • Click 'Submit'.

Creating an Application

  • After hitting 'Submit' (or after login) the first time you will see the 'Welcome to Online Applications' screen.
  • Clicking 'Applications' brings you to a list of currently available applications.
  • Click on the underlined 'Apply' link in order to create an application.
  • The left menu displays a list of the application's pages:
    • Clicking on each page or hitting the blue 'Next Page' link navigates the applicant through the application.
    • Each page will have a 'Save' button which should be hit to save the page's contents.
    • On the last page there is a 'Submit' button that should be hit when the application is finished. The application remains private and cannot be assessed until it is submitted.

Checking the Status of the Application(s)

Logging in after the application is submitted allows the applicant to monitor its progress.

Applicants will also receive e-mails about their application and may receive personal correspondence from reviewers if the application needs further work.

Once an application has been submitted it cannot be edited unless a reviewer reverts it back to its draft stage to make it open for editing. If this happens the applicant should make sure to re 'Submit' the application after the changes have been made.

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