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Standards:How to Submit or Modify IDEA Standards

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Submitting Standards

The following formats should be used when submitting standards for IDEA Activities and IDEA Events.

If a category does not apply to the activity or event, it should be excluded.

IDEA Activities

  • Introduction
  • Personnel
    • General
    • Duties
  • Policies/Procedures
  • Format/Motion
  • Tournament Entries
  • Workshop
  • Fees
  • Judging
  • Scheduling
  • Criteria for Ranking

IDEA Events

  • Introduction - What the Event Is?
  • Rules
  • Format and Roles
  • Judging
  • Topics
  • Structure
  • Trainings
  • Judges

Submissions or changes can be submitted to any member of the IDEA-NL Accreditation Committee.

Accreditation Commitee

Chris Baron
Elizabeth Lorant
Noel Selegzi
Jurate Motiejunaite
Martin "Poldo" Poliacik
Marcin Zaleski

Notes and Explanations

The standards listed herein are not all-encompassing, nor do they comprise a set of unalterable rules. They will no doubt evolve and take shape over the course of time, drawing upon the feedback and experience of IDEA and its members.

Proposed changes to this document or the addition of events must be submitted, in written form, to the IDEA-NL Accreditation Committee at least one month prior to the annual General Assembly meeting. For information regarding the composition of the Accreditation Committee, please refer to NGO Accreditation Process and Standards.

The Accreditation Committee will review all proposed changes to this document and will present its recommendations in writing to the members of the General Assembly, at least one month before the annual meeting. The General Assembly must approve changes to the document by a majority vote.

If a change is passed, it will be immediately binding on IDEA-NL members. The change will then be submitted for approval to the IDEA-USA Board of Directors. In the event that the IDEA-USA Board does not approve the change, that change will have no effect on the operations and procedures of IDEA-USA.

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