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Standards:Instructions for International Trainer Applicants

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Welcome to the International Trainer assessment process. The process incorporates the following:

International Trainer Standards

The International Trainer standards reflect the level of proficiency that you should demonstrate in seven elements, organized into three domains (knowledge and presentation skills, organizational skills, professional growth and development).

Portfolio Requirements

Portfolio contents are used as one source of evidence to assess International Trainer standards, as needed.

The on-line application process, provides a more complete listing of International Trainer applicant requirements. However, basically International Trainer portfolio narratives include the following:

Teaching Philosophy

The teaching philosophy should include how you teach and why. Supplemental materials would include teaching assignments, sample lesson plans, learning activities, evaluation tools, and how evaluations are used for future planning.

Professional Development

In the professional development section, applicants should demonstrate career plans and how they will actualize these plans through continuing education and professional development. Supplemental materials would include courses taken, professional memberships, conferences attended, conference participation (conference programs), publications (copy provided) and testimony from colleagues.

Mentoring Activities

In mentoring activities, applicants should document any mentoring activities in which they have participated, indicating whether they were a mentor or mentee. Supplemental material would include testimony from colleagues.

Problem Solving

The problem solving question asks applicants to describe an authentic or hypothetical problem and how you did or would solve it.

Training Experience

The applicant is also asked about their training experience including the length of time they have been a trainer, languages they have trained in and the subjects they have trained in and trainings they have conducted.

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