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Standards:International Trainer Accreditation Process

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Selection of International Trainer Assessors

  • The Board of IDEA-NL, in consultation with the most experienced IDEA trainers, will appoint the International Trainer Accreditation Team.
  • These assessors will, in turn, be eligible to select additional International Trainer assessors.
  • The selection of assessors will be based upon the following criteria:
    • Understanding of and adherence to the principles of IDEA speech and debate programs.
    • Outstanding service as trainers, coaches, and mentors.
    • The geographical and linguistic needs of the project.
    • Exemplary leadership qualities, including the ability to provide constructive feedback and make decisions.
    • An ability to reflect on their own practice, and on that of others.

Publishing Names

The names of the members of the International Trainer Accreditation Team will be published by the Board of IDEA-NL.

Trainer Portfolio

Applicants submit an on-line portfolio at the Online Application System that includes:

  • A teaching philosophy that demonstrates the way the applicant teaches, and why he or she has chosen these methods. Supplemental material: teaching assignments, sample lesson plans, learning activities, evaluation tools, and an explanation of how evaluations are used for future planning.
  • A professional development plan that demonstrates the applicant's career plans and how he or she plans to actualize these plans through continuing education and professional development. Supplemental material: courses taken, professional memberships, conferences attended, conference participation (provide conference programs), publications (provide copies), and testimony from colleagues.
  • A documentation of any mentoring activities in which the application has participated, and an indication of whether he or she was a mentor or mentee. Supplemental material: testimony from colleagues.
  • An example of how the applicant either did (or would) solve an authentic or hypothetical problem.
  • A summary of the applicant's training background.

Observation & Interview

Applicants are either observed and interviewed in a face-to-face setting or submit a trainers' session/presentation that will be evaluated by the International Training Assessment Team and answers the following questions on-line:

  • What related training activities preceded this one? Where does the applicant think such a training should be placed within an overall training plan?
  • What is the purpose or aim of the session?
  • What skills/knowledge do you expect participants to gain during the session?
  • Did you think that the methods you used during the session worked well with the audience?
  • How would you evaluate your own performance during the session? Why?

Accreditation Interview

The International Trainer Accreditation Team will arrange for an interview with the applicant.

Accreditation Status

After the applicant completes the on-line application process, has been observed and the interview has been conducted, the International Trainer Accreditation Team will determine the accreditation status of the applicant and notify them of the decision.

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