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Talk:Debate: Ban on extremist political parties

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Houndog comment

If they banned political parties today I for one, would cheer loudly. T am getting on a bit now, over seventy, so have seen plenty of political action: action that can now only be seen in the light of chicanery and manipulation of the electorate. What we need is a completely new concept of government with its expression emanating directly from the people, inasmuch that whatever is envisaged as to the benefit of the people is carried to the House of Commons and enacted. Our representitives would still be chosen by the electorate(all those over 18 years)being eligble to vote, the constituencies could be based on the counties and the populations thereof with the number of MPS to suit, the number of MPS would not exceed 600. The MPS would stand in other counties rather than the one they live in. That, basically, is my proposal; there are many detals to be worked out, one of them would surround the theory of forming combinations which would have to be restricted. The party whips, of course would be defunct, debate would have to operate under a guillotine system with a simple majority of 70% for a motion winning. Candidates could nominate themselves with say a £500 fee. If anyone else has any ideas along these lines then join the debate ~Thats all for now....

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