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Comment: Dboyblue

Good debate topic!! Let's get it going and try to be respectful of each others beliefs. I have noticed that most anti-gay views are founded in religion. Being that I was raised Baptist, I can somewhat understand this. I have traveled the 48 states extensively and been to 9 countries. I lived mostly in the US and in Denmark for 2 years.

I have friends that are Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, atheist, and agnostic. In all of these religions there are different sects with different belief systems. Why is this? If all of Christianity is founded on the Bible, then why are there so many conflicting views? If you believe that the stories in the bible are fact, then it may be difficult to understand. But I'll try to help. When we are born, we know pretty much nothing. Until the age of 6, we can't even differentiate truth from lies. This is part of why we can believe in Santa Clause. We gain our beliefs from those that raise us. Given our spiritual/religious beliefs at a young age, these beliefs become our foundation of relating to the world. As we learn and grow our new thoughts,ideas, and perspective become based on these beliefs. Our brains become hard-coded. Through singing and certain ritual practices emotions get associated with certain ideas so that when these ideas arise the emotions come with them. The use of these ideas and the way our emotions can be manipulated can give us great power in life. Dealing with things like death and suffering. Guiding us morally, most faiths are positive and aid the continuation of humanity except in a few cases where they conflict with each other. Most people's faith-based belief system's are based on fact, according to them? But if that were true, then there would be no need for faith. If you know something to be fact, then it isn't faith. And just because you use faith, it doesn't mean you are wrong either.

Now, that the premise is set, we can get to the point. How can I judge and marginalize a group such as homosexuals based upon a belief system that is not proven? The homosexual's in society have a different belief system than myself, so why do I subject them to my belief system. Do I have the right to tell Muslims that they don't have the right to practice Islam because it is blasphemy according to my beliefs? No, I do not. Do I have a right to tell Christians that they can't practice their beliefs because it is a contradiction of my beliefs? No, I do not. So why do we believe that we can tell homosexuals that they cannot live according to their own beliefs? We don't have to teach our children that homosexuality is right and OK, just like we don't have to teach other belief systems to our children. We only have to teach them that we should respect other people's belief systems, just as others should respect ours. We don't have to like homosexuals or agree with them, but we should respect them. Keep in mind that most religions of today would have been blasphemous by that same religions doctrine of 500 years ago.

Regarding sociological problems and homosexuality. Homosexuals are not a threat. Humans are born with hormones that are "normal" in most genetics that will continue to have most people procreating with the opposite sex. Plus we already have a huge over-population problem in the world. As for diseases, AIDS is a big issue. Because the form of sex that homosexuals have is more abrasive, AIDS is more easily spread in homosexual relations. In heterosexual relations it is easier for women to get aids than the male. Does this mean women are evil and GOD made AIDS to get rid of women? I know this sounds silly to most, but I have met many intelligent people that think AIDS is a homosexual disease. As for homosexuality being contagious. I tell you, when I was going through adolescence, there is nothing anyone could say or do to stop my hormonal impulses from focusing on the girls. And I am a guy by the way. Also, I have had friends who had parents that were gay and they were hetero. I hope I have given enough ideas to the topic and hope to see more sharing. Let's try to find ways of solving these conflicts that will benefit everyone and avoid hate!! Thank you for reading.

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