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Talk:Debate: Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays

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Comment by User:Andromeda1960

On December 25th one could say: "Merry Christmas" or "Have a lousy Christmas" or they could ignore Christmas altogether. But the point is that it is CHRISTMAS!!! At Easter one does not try to cover all the possible holidays someone might be celebrating. One is only concerned with wishing someone well during Eastertime. As a Christian, I would not be offended by a person practicing Islam to wish me a Happy Ramadan! I don't celebrate Ramadan but the other person does and it merely wishing me well during this certain period of time. If you say "Good Morning" to a person who is at their best at night, should the night-person be offended? Or should they simply say "thanks." (or F*&# Off! if they are really crabby in the morning.)But if it is 7:00 AM you can't say "good evening." That would just be stupid. As would be "Happy ALL-Times-of-the Day" which would be the equivalent to "Happy Holidays" And by the way: Why would anyone be offended by someone wishing them happiness in any form?

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