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Extended argument

It is a complete failure and should be abandoned. All the war on drugs has done is to ruin the lives of many. Prohibition does not, and never will work. These laws are morally wrong and unconstitutional. How can the government say one thing is acceptable while saying another thing, with basically the results, isn't. My opinion is that these laws where created for a powerful few to increase their wealth. Creating these laws only increased demand and caused the creation off other, more illicit drugs. To those who agree with these laws think about this; when you were in school how easy was it for you to get alcohol verses a street drug. For me alcohol was almost unobtainable, but I could get anything, any time off the street. This is because alcohol is in the hands of a responsible vendor, who doesn't want to lose their business. The scum on the corner only care about getting paid, by anyone who will pay, regardless of age. So keep on thinking the war works but know that until it ends, your children will continue to be in harms way. Remember that the dealers don't care who they serve and their bullets don't either. You want to get drugs off the streets, good. Put them in stores where they belong, with a responsible individual. END THE WAR ON DRUGS!

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