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Debate:Gun Control

Hokuns, what a great bit of work on the gun control debate. Every one of your contributions was an improvement of the article. Keep it up. I'd love to expand your role in other areas too. We're paying a good amount of attention to the Category:2008 US presidential elections category. You may want to have a look, although I don't want to presume too much about your interests. What debates are you most interested in? On the gun control debate, I just opened the pro/con bibliography subquestion section at the bottom (you can open subquestion sections by using the icons that appear on every subquestion row [the box icon with orange in blue in it]). Adding articles and sources to this pro/con bibliography may be something you are interested in. Just follow the model I've set forth. And...Welcome to Debatepedia! You may want to see the Debatepedia:Getting started tutorial -- Brooks Lindsay 20:46, 24 November 2007 (CST)

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