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Welcome to my talk page. If you leave me a message here, I'll respond on your talk page. Thanks!


Welcome to the community Mason11987. Really fantastic work. Very excited about it. I featured you on the main page of the site. Keep up the hard work, and I'll keep on featuring you on the main page and trying to draw other editors (including myself) to help you out. -- Brooks Lindsay 12:09, 19 January 2010 (CST)


Hey there! Thanks so much for the tip on my signature. And thanks for offering your expertise. There are definitely ways in which you could potentially help: My main focus right now is in improving our community-building and community-organization efforts. If you would be willing to ask me the hard questions on what we have and what we don't, and to help me shape a more robust plan in this area, I would really appreciate it. Some things that we are in particular need of: 1. a functional community forum. I've looked around at different extensions (liquid threads and the like), but would be curious to hear your interpretation. Also, while we have a mailing list, I would like to find ways to sink it with the user sign-in/account creation process. And, then, generally I would ask that you enjoy yourself and explore your topical interests on the site, and follow Recent Changes and interact with those that are working on topics that you care about. I figured I would just throw these ideas out there, even at risk of putting too much on the table too early. -- Brooks Lindsay (Talk) 09:05, 20 January 2010 (CST)


Thanks so much. I'll look into Vbulletin. And, I look forward to continuing the conversation. :) -- Brooks Lindsay (Talk) 09:57, 22 January 2010 (EST)

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