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Argument: Circumcision does not interfere with sexual pleasure

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Supporting quotations

Dr. Brian Morris, Professor of Molecular Medical Sciences. "Here are the Main Benefits of Circumcision". Opposing Views - There is no significant difference in sensitivity of a circumcised and uncircumcised penis, nor is there any difference in sensation during sexual arousal.

"Adult Circumcision Stories - Men Circumcised As Adults Tell It As It Is...". Circ Info. - "Now as for sex; well let's just say I feel like a teenager all over again.

I always felt sexual intercourse was a bit of a let down when I lost my virginity, because it felt no different to when I masturbated. I suppose what I am saying is that the foreskin just seemed to slide back and forth over the glans during intercourse, and that was the same experience that I had when I masturbated.

I always remember thinking when I first had intercourse that it just wasn't any great revelation. But OOHHH! how different things are without a foreskin to get in the way. I cant believe how good it is now. Last weekend I just couldn't believe intercourse could be so enjoyable. The feeling of the glans in direct stimulation against the vagina and not a foreskin is wonderful.

You have probably heard it all before, but intercourse certainly is better circumcised. Take it from one who knows. This will make you laugh but I rub vitamin E cream into the wound to help it heal. And then we very gently "… well ... let me just say sex is great ... fantastic.. nothing to get in the way.

I have no regrets. I have ABSOLUTELY no regrets. There is nothing I miss about my post-operative state. Which is strange because I really went into this being totally realistic and thinking I may have some regrets. But sex is far more enjoyable."

"Adult Circumcision Stories - Men Circumcised As Adults Tell It As It Is...". Circumcised twice: Canadian man's experiences debunk myths of anti-circ protagonists. Circ Info. - I find that sex has improved since being properly and completely circumcised. For instance, intercourse is much better with a tightly circumcised penis, without the extra skin moving back and forth over the glans. Also I find that, since being tightly circumcised, my orgasms are far more intense.

Finally, I do not miss my frenulum at all. I consider it highly overrated. The removal of my frenulum has occasioned no loss of erotic sensation whatever. And, because I feel none of the pulling I used to experience, and get none of the redness and soreness I used to get, the removal of the frenulum has improved my sex-life considerably.

I love being completely and tightly circumcised. I'd recommend it to anyone.

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