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Argument: Journalism is public good for democracy, deserves subsidies

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==Parent debate== ==Parent debate==
-*[[Debate: Should government subsidize journalism?+*[[Debate: Should government subsidize journalism?]]
==Supporting quotations== ==Supporting quotations==

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Sara Catania. "Hey President Obama, Spare Any Change?". Huffington Post. January 1, 2009 - "Our aspirational society, in order to create a more perfect union, needs journalism. Not gossip, not snark, not uninformed blather that passes for opinion, but good, solid reporting. Investigations, deep features, reporting-driven storytelling. These are the stories that show us who we are, that shape the narrative of our lives and the life of our nation. But it's getting harder to sustain the journalism needed to tell those stories.

There's just one glaring problem: money. The lack of it. The late, great David Halberstam once described the life of a journalist as a donation to society, and I can abide that, to a point. I never expected to rake in the bucks, only to make enough to contribute my share to the family coffers. It seems a reasonable expectation."

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