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Argument: Women prefer cleaner circumcised penis

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Edgar J. Schoen, MD. "Sexual Activity". Opposing Views - Clinical Professor of PediatricsIt has been claimed that the foreskin is important for normal, pleasurable sexual activity, and until recently this myth has not been tested. Since 2000 a number of studies from around the world have compared measurements of sexual pleasure before and after adult male circumcision. Published results have shown no significant differences whether or not the foreskin is present. Indeed, circumcised men have some advantages. Circumcised men have been found to engage in more varied sexual activity. Women, by a margin of about 3 to 1, prefer the circumcised penis, mainly because of cleanliness which is of particular importance in oral sex. There is a minimal difference in the sexual act itself – circumcised men take slightly longer to reach orgasm after vaginal insertion, an effect considered to be advantageous. Longer and cleaner sex is better sex.

"Social Benefits of Circumcision". The Labor of Love - As a society, it is an acknowledged fact that women (and men) find a circumcised penis is more attractive. In fact, circumcised men purportedly receive more fellatio, which makes sense given our societal preference. When asked, some women have elaborated even further, stating that a circumcised penis is “cleaner”, “sexier”, “nicer to the touch”, and “smells better”. This preference is most apparent in nude visual arts (or erotic material), where circumcised men are almost exclusively used to increase visual appeal. The same can also be said of feature films that contain nude scenes- they also use circumcised males much more than uncircumcised men.

"Personal Preferences & Experiences". - Why do I prefer a circumcised penis? I absolutely refuse to perform fellatio on an uncircumcised man. There is almost always an unpleasant smell to the uncircumcised penis. Remember, under the foreskin, stale urine and smegma collect and can create a foul odor if not washed away every day. Just urinating can cause a smell as the urine decomposes. A circumcised penis is much cleaner and is much easier to keep clean. A circumcised penis feels much better for me during sex because the loose foreskin does not smooth out the glans (head) and corona (rim) of the penis; I can feel the difference. The stimulation to both me and partner comes directly from the rubbing of the flared glans. In an uncircumcised man, he receives pleasure from pumping back and forth inside his own foreskin. This reduces my pleasure (See picture). I think a circumcised penis looks more natural and sexier. The foreskin looks like an anteater's head or an elephant's trunk. The glans is the best looking part of the penis, so why not leave it permanently exposed? I prefer masturbating a circumcised penis because the loose skin doesn't get in the way.

M.L. Williamson and P.S. Williamson. "Women's Preferences for Penile Circumcision in Sexual Partners". - Regardless of pediatricians' attempts to negate routine newborn circumcision, U.S. circumcision rates remain constant. This study hypothesized that, because circumcision is usually a maternal choice and the circumcised penises are perceived by young women as more attractive, most women prefer circumcision for sexual reasons.

Of 145 new mothers of sons responding to this survey, 71-83% preferred circumcised penises for each sexual activity listed.

Visual appeal and sexual hygiene were predominate reasons for favoring circumcised sexual partners. Even among women having sexual experience only with uncircumcised partners, only half preferred uncircumcised penises for sexual partners. Eighty-nine percent of the sample had had their sons circumcised. This study furthers debate over whether circumcision decisions should be based solely on medical considerations limited to the newborn period.

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