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Argument: Women prefer cleaner circumcised penis

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Edgar J. Schoen, MD. "Sexual Activity". Opposing Views - Clinical Professor of PediatricsIt has been claimed that the foreskin is important for normal, pleasurable sexual activity, and until recently this myth has not been tested. Since 2000 a number of studies from around the world have compared measurements of sexual pleasure before and after adult male circumcision. Published results have shown no significant differences whether or not the foreskin is present. Indeed, circumcised men have some advantages. Circumcised men have been found to engage in more varied sexual activity. Women, by a margin of about 3 to 1, prefer the circumcised penis, mainly because of cleanliness which is of particular importance in oral sex. There is a minimal difference in the sexual act itself – circumcised men take slightly longer to reach orgasm after vaginal insertion, an effect considered to be advantageous. Longer and cleaner sex is better sex.

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