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Debate: Models are beneficial for society

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This House believes that models are beneficial for the society


Background and Context of Debate:

There have many debates whether slim models set a good example for teenagers. Now it is time to ask - do models benefit our society anyhow? Is this job becoming outdated?

Economy: Are models beneficial economically?


  • The view of a beautiful, young, well dressed woman can inspire men - Well, woman beauty, in all its various forms, is clearly one of the strongest (if not the strongest) driving force for creativity and endless source of inspiration, for men in the first place. Therefore, models clearly are beneficial, since they can inspire men (especially the lonely ones), in turn improving their productivity and emotional state at the same time.


  • The artificial, photoshopped, plastic beauty of models is seldom found in real world - Indulging in viewing "perfect" women may lead to a distraction from the real world, leading a man astray and precluding him to enjoy the true, natural beauty of real women in a real world. This can cause serious damage to psychical state and consequently day-to-day productivity of (mostly) male individuals, with ensuing detrimental effects on the economy.

Does modeling help in one's personality development?


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  • Modeling focuses on the visual appearence only - Modeling put too much emphasis on person's visual appearence, setting back other parts of one's personality. Some models are therefore just dolls - albeit beautiful ones - naive, with no ideas nor ideals.

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