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Debate: Social networking sites

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Are social networking sites generally beneficial to our world?


Background and Context of Debate:

Friendship: Are social networking sits benefiting friendships?


  • Social networking sites create great opportunities for making friends.


  • Social networking sites distract from quality interpersonal connections.

Professional networking: Do social networking sites benefit career networking?


  • Social networking sites create great opportunities for professional networking. Since "it's not what you know, but who you know", this is very important.
  • Social networking sites enable individuals to move toward making face-to-face meetings: Social networking sites are a starting place for face-to-face meetings between professionals.


  • Social networking sites do not allow for trusting professional relationships to be established. Face-to-face conversations and hand-shakes are still the most important element of sound professional networking.

Information: Are social networking sites a good place to exchange information?


  • Social networking sites are a great place to exchange information.


  • Social networking sites are a major distraction from learning. People are spending far too much time on social networking sites, and away from books, newspapers, and other educational resources. The information contained in social networking sites is generally shallow and trivial as compared to these other valuable sources of learning. Since there is limited time in the day and in life, that a growing proportion of that time is being spent by individuals on social networking sites is a major problem to the general education of the public.

Commercial use of info: Is the commercial use of personal information ethical?


  • More targeted advertising is of greater value to the consumer. Why should we complain that advertisers will have more information about us to advertise to us things that we are more interested in buying? Advertising is not evil. Ads inform the consumer of a product that they may judge to be of value in their lives and worth spending money on. No product is being forced on consumers by ads, but offered as something that the consumer might deem worthy to purchase. Therefore, it should be welcome that social networking sites offer advertising firms information that can bring products of greater potential value to a particular consumer's attention.


  • It is unethical for social network sites to use personal information to enable advertisers to better target you as a consumer. Personal information should not be used to allow companies to attempt to sell you something.

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