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Category pages are pages with lists of articles within a particular area of focus, such as education, or US education, and then possibly US Universities. They are a critical tool for organizing articles on Debatepedia, and helping individuals browse them. Every page in the article namespace should belong to at least one category. Categories should be major topics that are likely to be useful to someone reading the article.

Reference Wikipedia:Categorization. Debatepedia adopts the same categorization conventions as Wikipedia. Below are the things that you should

Making categories

Creating a category is as simple as adding a link to a category that doesn't yet exist. For instance, to create the "education category", you would edit an article and enter its bottom [[Category:Education Category]] the same way as adding it to any other category. "Category:Education" will automatically be created when the edit is saved. You can now click on the link you've created and go to the new category. You can also now assign any other article to this category.

Look before you leap

Before creating a category, look to see if the appropriate one already exists. The best way to do this is to first add the category to your article but preview before saving. When previewing a page, scroll right to the very bottom of the browser window to see the categories. If the category appears in blue, the category already exists. If it is in red, then you will be creating a new category. Check the capitalization of the category name.

Assigning articles to categories

Articles are given an organizational place within a category(ies) by you and other editors. If an article is already within a category, it will appear at the bottom of that article. For example, the "Condoms in School" debate page may be categorized within "Education" (appearing at the bottom of the page).

If an article has not been categorized yet, it should be done, and it is very easy. But before you begin, you must decide what category(ies) you should place an article within. This is based on an assessment of an articles "horizontal" place within a subject area. This means that a certain article would appear under a category with other articles of a similar nature and relationship underneath the subject category.

  • An "education" category, for example, would logically house some of the following articles:
    • "Debate:Condoms in schools"
    • "Debate:Education vouchers"
    • "Debate:Drug Testing in Schools"
    • "Debate:Evolution vs Creationism in Schools".

Let's assume that you know a certain category already exists, and that you want to place the debate article "Condoms in Schools" in this category. You can do so by going to that debate article, and writing at the bottom of it [[Category:Education]]. That's it. Now, it will appear at the bottom of the page that this article is in the "education" category. The "Condoms in Schools" debate article will also automatically appear in the "education" category.

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