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Contact Brooks Lindsay, founder and editor

  • Email: brooks[at]debatepedia[dot]org
  • Phone: 206 406 7558.
  • Instant Messenger:
    • Yahoo Messenger: Brooks Lindsay, bhl4lindsay
    • Google G Chat: bhlindsay
    • Windows Live Messenger: Brooks,

...Regarding anything from...

  • Comments.
  • Suggestions.
  • Ways to volunteer as an editor, marketer, community-builder...
  • To chat about specific editing collaborations and to get one-on-one editing help.
  • Establishing institutional partnerships.
  • And really anything else...Brooks works full time on Debatepedia, so is here to answer questions.

Contact William Wnekowicz, co-founder and technical expert

  • info [at]debatepedia[dot]org

Contact the International Debate Education Association (IDEA)

Problem with the site? 

Tweet a bug on bugtwits