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The Debatepedia contents page is the place from which you can access all of the content on Debatepedia.

Approaching category and portal pages (below)

  • In a category page, you will find links to articles that have been tagged as within that category. This is a useful way to quickly browse through all the existing articles within an area as well as to consider what new material is needed and that you can contribute. (You can tag an article as within a certain category (thus listing it automatically on the category page) by writing [[Category:(Category Title)]] at the bottom of the article.)
  • In portal pages, you will find a general introduction to a subject area and links out to the debate-related articles within that field. These are pages where editors can frame a broader topic, such as "the United States", and organize its many sub-parts so that users can explore a topic thoroughly. They are also a critical place for you and other editors to consider what new pages are needed on Debatepedia, and what general areas are weakest and needing of contribution the most.

Main categories

Subject area categories and portals

When browsing through these categories, recognize that debate pages are categorized by "debate:" at the beginning. Argument pages are categorized by "Argument:". Actors pages are denoted by "debate:...(actors)".

Regional category and portal pages

Other assorted categories

Feature articles

About pages:

Help pages:

Community pages

Page types:

Language resources


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