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Look before you leap

"look before you leap" means on Debatepedia that, if you intend to create a new article on Debatepedia, that you should perform a thorough search to make sure that that article doesn't already exist. There are a number of ways to do this:

  • Using Debatepedia's search box: When checking to see if an article already exists on Debatepedia, you should first go to the Debatepedia search box. If you are searching for a debate, you should include in the search "Debate:" and then, maybe, "Gun Control". Browse through the results to see if anything comes up. Try a variation or two of this search.
  • Searching on Google: Google is a much more powerful tool than the search engine on this wiki. One should always perform a quick search via Google to make sure that an article doesn't already exist on Debatepedia, as the Debatepedia search engine may have failed at bringing up the appropriate results. If you are looking to see if a certain gun control debate is on Debatepedia, you should type into Google: "Debate: Gun Control, Debatepedia" or some variation of this. At this point, you could probably opt to create the page that you desire to create. But the final "look before you leap" layer of security is below.
  • Browsing through a relevant Category Page: Finally, before starting a new page, you should browse through a relevant category page to the subject at hand, scanning through the articles listed there. Using the gun control example, you would probably first go to the Law and Crime Category and browse from there.

If, at this point, you have not found thew article that you intend to create, it is a safe bet that the article does not exist, and you should go ahead and create it.

Debate vs. regular pages

On Debatepedia, debate articles are much different in structure and form than regular article. Debate articles have a unique pro/con "logic tree" structure, and software developed to enable the use and manipulation of this structure. When you create a debate page, this structure is automatically deployed onto the new page you've created. When you create a regular page, you are given a blank slate to work with. You can create both debate pages and regular pages on Debatepedia very easily.

Creating debate pages

It is very easy to create a new debate page with the unique Debatepedia "logic tree" structure and software automatically deployed. The first thing that you need to do is isolate the debate topic you have in mind. Then, develop a coherent "yes/no" question in your mind. It is very important that you be able to isolate the exact "yes"/"no" question, such that the debate will be a valid one, with clear pro and con sides. Once you've done that, think of a descriptive title for the debate you've thought of. Now, take this title, and type it into the "search" box on Debatepedia on the left tool bar. Press "Go" (not "search" for creating pages). Assuming that you've "looked before you leaped", go to the top of this page where it reads, "Click here to create New Debate along with structure?". Click "New Debate". Your new debate page will be created. Then, the first thing you should do is enter the "Yes"/"No" debate question that you designed at the outset in the top rectangle where it says "Write main debate question here..." Click the pencil icon on this box, and do this. You have just created a new debate page on Debatepedia. Now, you can begin writing pros and cons...

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