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Debate pages are one of the focuses on Debatepedia. They are for pros and cons on a specific debate, and provide links to pages for specific arguments.

Debate page structure and software

Debate pages use a unique pro/con "logic tree" structure. This structure has accompanying software (developed in coordination with Debatemedia Inc and QuadOne Software) that is automatically deployed on the new debate page that you or other editors create.

How to create a debate page

See Debatepedia:Creating New Pages

Using and manipulating the Debatepedia software and "logic tree" structure

See Debatepedia:Guide to Editing

Rules for debate pages

Debate pages are somewhate different than other pages in regards to the rules that govern them. These rules include:

  • Keep within the "logic tree" structure and method: Debate pages involve a pro/con "yes"/"no" layout. This layout demands that all main questions and subquestions be "yes"/"no" questions. All of the pros of subquestions must be pros for the larger main question, and visa versa for cons.
  • Argument summaries: Debate articles include argument

See Debatepedia:Editing Policies for a full picture of the editing policies governing debate and other pages.

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