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Debatepedia stewards are an elite and trusted group of editors that hold special powers and responsibilities that are essential to the management and editorial success of Debatepedia. While you and anyone else can become a steward, one must meet a strict set of criteria to achieve this status, including proving editorial dedication and excellence on Debatepedia and earning the trust of the community. Stewards are like administrators on Wikipedia.

Privileges and benefits of a Debatepedia steward

  • Join an elite community of editors and thinkers on Debatepedia.
  • Gain full editorial access and sysops privileges to all pages on Debatepedia, including the main page, about pages, and all other protected pages.
  • Talk by email and by phone with the founders of Debatepedia.
  • Put it on your resume, and ask for letters of recommendation.

Responsibilities of a Debatepedia steward

  • Enforce Debatepedia's editing policies, and notify/warn editors that violate them.
  • Ban editors that consistently violate Debatepedia's editing policies, or vandalize the site.
  • Monitor and implement key tasks.

Criteria for stewardship on Debatepedia

  • You must be an experienced, dedicated, and exemplary editor on Debatepedia in order to win steward status. This typically means that you have been a active and regular participant for a number of months.
  • You editorial history must include your abiding by as well as helping enforce the Debatepedia editing policies and principles, and you gaining the trust of the community.
  • You must be willing to accept the responsibilities of a steward.

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