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Debatepedia is a wiki encyclopedia of debates, arguments, and supporting quotations. Its mission is to become "the Wikipedia of debates". It is a place where we can all work together as editors, via the same wiki technology driving Wikipedia, to frame the arguments in public debates that we all need to think through. These are debates in our neighborhoods, cities, states and provinces, nations, and in an increasingly interconnected world. The reality is that there are debates that we care deeply about because they matter to our lives, our neighbor's lives, and the lives of our children and the societies they inherit. We need to take these debates seriously, and approach them with a fiercely open and critical eye, so that we can rationally weigh the pros and cons within them, take positions, and take action with conviction in the righteousness of our cause. Debatepedia helps citizens do this. It helps you frame all the arguments and all the scholarly quotes in these debates in its simple pro/con "logic tree" structure so that you can better deliberate, take a stand, and take action.

The problem is that this is currently far too difficult to do. Arguments, evidence, and quotes (important to our deliberations) are scattered across the web, newspapers, magazines, journals, and books. We, subsequently, cannot view this information in one place, where we can understand opposing arguments on one page, and deliberate through them toward a confident conclusion. Debatepedia solves this problem with a proven "logic tree" methodology and the wiki technology that will allow us to work together on a massive scale to produce the greatest encyclopedia of arguments the world has ever seen. Think of how "the Wikipedia of debate" would change the world and the way we think collectively through the difficult challenges we face. Join this community as an editor to help advance this mission, learn your internal philosophical code, and help apply the lessons of Wikipedia to the realm of reason.

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