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England4Ever created and edited Debate: Aaland Islands.
  • June 13th. Founder Brooks Lindsay created Debate: Dowries, without arguments (open for editing).
  • June 12th. Ace45954 made the following argument on Debate: Colonization of the Moon: "Moon base would spark public interest in Mars mission. The creation of a base on our small companion would spark the public's interest, as the creation of such a base would most likely take less than a decade. After this, wait perhaps another decade or so and viola, you have yourself a Mars landing. If we were instead to mount a mission to Mars directly, it would take decades before the mission would be underway. The general public despises long waits, which equals to a lack of funds completely immobilizing the would be Mars landing."
  • June 6th. Ggowdy1972 created the following argument against two-party systems: "Two-party systems create false dichotomies. By framing debate in terms of only two-parties or points of view the two-party system gives the false impression that their are only two choices on any given issue. the reality is that issues facing any country are deeply complex with multiple view points. This is particularly harmful when political parties begin to enforce ideological purity and shout down party dissent. [1]
  • June 3rd. A number of arguments were added to Debate: Safe injection sites for heroin addicts by Ikassamsha.
  • June 2nd. Reenem improved an argument on Debate: Dividing Jerusalem.
Watty added a long-form argument in favor of Pete Rose in Baseball Hall of Fame.
Myclob created Debate: Should Japan abandon its nuclear power plants?.
Garybaldwin helped build-out Debate: High-speed rail.
Sobsology edited Debate: Sabbath Day.
Myclob edited Debate: Ban on sodomy.
Halebobbdotcom commented on Talk:Debate: Legalization of drugs: "The only things that should remain illegal are actions against others. All torts should remain unlawful; All non-tort acts should be legalized."
Jamie86078 wrote the following on Talk:Debate: Merit pay for teachers: "One thing that could happen is foul play. Teachers may help kids to much with test, change actual answers given by students and strikes. Teachers may go on strike because they may think pay is unfair. Then what happens to our teachers. WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR COMMUNITY! No teachers to teach students! All merit pay will lead to is problems!"
Schocrane123 created Debate: Colonization of the Moon
Debate: Ban on music that glorifies violence against women Edited by LenkaHabetinova.
Debate: Military recruiting in public schools was worked on by Sparky-578.
Debate: Should the U.S. ban offshore drilling for oil? under development by User:Uchicagoharris oil.
Austeja created Debate: Reporting on private lives of politicians.
Gups.happy created Debate: Coalition government preferable to single party rule.
Banakeg developed a number of arguments on Debate: Should the voting age be reduced from 18 to 16?.
Swspartan created Debate: Re-testing elderly drivers.
Renergy reverted a vandalism by DJ on Debate: Ground zero mosque.
LJ completely built out from scratch Debate: Smaller schools better than larger schools. Great, heavy, editorial work!
  • August 16th. Debate: Birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants is under development for the Debate Digest.
  • August 12th. Debate: Living together before marriage was started up with a couple arguments.
  • August 10th. Debate: Ground zero mosque posted to Debate Digest.
  • August 9th. Alkus wrote on Debate: Would unmitigated climate change be catastrophic?: "Catastrophic, but not for all. Unmitigated climate change will certainly be catastrophic, but only for a relatively small percentage of the human population. To borrow a quote from the movie "Jurassic Park", life will find a way. A sufficient percentage of the human population will survive, and eventually thrive in the "New Biotic Order" of post-cataclysmic Earth to send the human species careening toward our next anthropogenic disaster."
  • August 5th. Quothmar edited the talk page of Debate: Animal rights.
  • August 4th. Brooks Lindsay posted Debate: Democrats vs. Republicans to the Debate Digest.
  • August 3rd. Street art was created, and is empty, awaiting arguments and contributions. This article is based off of the debate surrounding whether street art is vandalism or art, and whether it should be allowed. Here's an interesting article in the Independent on the topic: "Graffiti: Street art – or crime?" Independent. July 16th, 2010.
  • August 1st. Lenkahabetinova wrote on Debate: Countries should ban the import of goods produced by child labor: "Trade and economic growth do not necessarily help. [Evidence from the Industrial Revolution suggests that] it is not inevitable that growth will drive child labour to the economic margins before rooting it out completely. As in the past, if associated with an unequal distribution of income and child-intensive production processes, economic growth can increase child labour rather than eliminate it." ["Child labour: lessons from the Industrial Revolution", by Jane Humphries, Centre for Economic Policy Research (, April 2008.'"
  • July 27th. Debate: Open primaries was polished and posted to the Debate Digest.
  • July 26th. Pschneible made a grammatical edit on Debate: Military recruiting in public schools.
  • July 23rd. Founder Brooks Lindsay is working on Debate: Open primaries for the Debate Digest. The topic has become particularly important in recent weeks after California passed Proposition 14 in early June, establishing Open Primaries in the state. Here's a New York Times article on the event and the topic.
  • July 21st. Richa has been adding instructions to the talk pages on argument pages so that users and editors better know what to do and how on these particularly pages.
  • July 21st. Gadret made an argument on Debate: Was the world created in six days?.
  • July 20th. Ifisher18 has been working on Debate: Democrat vs. Republican.
  • July 19th. Rita-Bella. argued on Debate: Prisoners right to vote: "Prisoners are still citizens. It is common fact among government that the right to vote belongs to all legal aged citizens. While the opposing side may argue that criminals are not citizens one should remember that we continue to give them the right to an attorney and other such obvious inalienable rights. By doing this we recognize they are still citizens. And citizens have the right to vote."
  • July 19th. Jkorn and Clarence.ct developed arguments on Debate: Does "God" really exist?
  • July 19th. LuisLuis argued that a slippery slope will not occur upon allowing or accepting pornography.
  • July 18th. Feeling Guilty wrote an argument on Debate: Ban on Muslim veils in France.
  • July 16th. Debate: Deporting illegal immigrants in the US under development for the Debate Digest.
  • July 14th. Debate: MBA was completed for posting on the Debate Digest.
  • July 13th. Lenkahabetinova has been working like crazy, making hundreds of link-corrections, editorial corrections, and in constituting talk pages on argument and debate pages.
  • July 10th. Debate: Master's degree was completed for posting on the Debate Digest.
  • July 9th. Debate: Democrat vs. Republican was created by Ifisher18, but has little content, and needs development.
  • July 6th. Richa edited Debate: Closing US military base in Okinawa.
  • July 4th. Rishabh edited Debate: Should plastic shopping bags be banned?, adding to the following argument: "There is an easy, practical replacement for plastic bags. The main use of plastic bags is to carry shopping in. Getting rid of plastic bags would just mean that we would need to find a replacement for them. That is easy - we just need to use reusable cloth bags or paper bags and that is the problem solved. Plastic bags do have a practical replacement. More than that Jute bags have emerged a successful replacement of plastic Jute bags.The Govt. of Himachal Pradesh (a hill state of India which also a tourist hot spot) has banned plastic completely for over 3 years now. The transition has proved successful and now shopping bags are more reusable sturdy and beneficial."
  • July 1st: Debate: European Monetary Fund was built out for the Debate Digest and posted."
  • June 28th: User:Lenkahabetinova added the following pro argument to Debate: Fusion power: "Radiation risk is small. Calculations suggest that the total amount of tritium and other radioactive gases in a typical power plant would be so small, about 1 kg, that they would have diluted to legally acceptable limits by the time they blew as far as the plant's perimeter fence. "Fusion power", Wikipedia"
  • June 27th: Lenkahabetinova deleted a range of obsolete debate and argument pages.
  • June 23rd: Debate: Instant Replay in FIFA World Cup was created by User:Ifisher18 (empty currently).
  • June 22nd: Posted Debate: Breastfeeding in public to Debate Digest.
  • June 20th: Lenkahabetinova continues expansive work to clean-up links on argument pages back to their respective debate pages.
  • June 18th: Debate: Medical marijuana dispensaries posted to the Debate Digest.
  • June 16th: Lenkahabetinova has been cleaning up links on a wide swath of articles.
  • June 13th: Danicae13 added the following argument to Debate: Twitter : "Twitter is just a distraction. "TWEETING" what you're doing does not always make you appreciate more what you're doing. You'll get to enjoy what you're doing when you are with you're friends or family or a love one and not through tweeting. Besides, how can people be so sure that what the person tweeted is true or not. Once a person tweeted something it's out in the public and this could affect the privacy and even the security of a person. It will be publicize, what a person is doing, where a person is and the like. Plus not all of the topics in twitter are that academic and intellectual (such as Bustin Jieber, mini lady gaga and such). Tweeting can't add more appreciation to what a person is doing and it can even risk the security of a person."
  • June 12th: PhillTellsYou added a pro video: Debate: Ending US sanctions on Cuba.
Irzamj made an argument on Debate: Does Islam promote violence?.
Martzianu made the following argument on Debate: Is Internet access a human right?: "Internet access is no right, but means of entertainment. It enables individuals to acquire information and other activities. But is also harmful. How many nights have you stood in front of the PC surfing the net wildly or playing a game? Also there is a lot of free pornografic material that any child who can type his name using a keyboard can access them. Do you want to make a world when a mother tells her child: "you cannot stay on the internet anymore" that she has taken a right from him? Compare taking the right for a home or for education with taking the "right" to access the internet."
  • May 28th: Destinero made excellent contributions to Debate: Gay marriage, Debate: Gay adoption.
  • May 27th: Wingzero898 edited Debate: Abolition of nuclear weapons.
  • May 26th: Brooks Lindsay finished writing an op-ed on the burqa ban debate: Op-ed: Criticize the burqa, don’t ban it (unless necessary)
  • May 22nd: Brooks Lindsay has been editing Debate: Ban on Muslim burqa and niqab in order to prepare it for the Debate Digest.
  • May 22nd: Lenkahabetinova added the following argument to Debate: Globalization: "On the whole, women have been harmed more than men by globalization. Structural adjustment programs often force countries in the developing world to streamline the economy and redirect spending away from social welfare and toward export sectors and other profit-yielding enterprises. This can lead to a reduction in or elimination of many social welfare programs such as health, food, and housing subsidies. Women on average are poorer than men and, as such, are the majority of those dependent on social welfare programs. Therefore, elimination or reduction in these programs affects them disproportionately to men."
  • May 20th: User:Lenkahabetinova continues excellent review of others' work via Recent Changes and has been organizing articles by categorizing them (by placing something like [[Category:Economics]] at the bottom of an article. In addition, she's been deleting inappropriate articles, or ones that don't qualify for existence on, like articles that are merely descriptions of a famous person and not debates.
  • May 19th: Cartoonhead5 added a number of quotes from the Quran to Debate: Does Islam promote violence?, supporting the pro side of the debate. The included: Qur'an 2:10: "In their hearts is a disease, and Allah increaseth their disease. A painful doom is theirs because they lie." Qur'an 98:6: "Verily those who believe not, among those who have received the scriptures, and among the idolaters, [shall be cast] into the fire of hell, to remain therein [for ever]. These are the worst of creatures."
Faltzer wrote on Debate: Gun control: "The idea of a criminal not messing with you if you have a firearm is flawed, and it is contradictory to the definition of concealed. To be concealed is to be out of visual reach; to not be seen. How exactly would an assailant know if the intended victim is carrying a concealed firearm?"
Founder Brooks Lindsay created Debate: Pantheism vs. Deism (empty).
Helala documented a number of argument quotes on Debate: Climate change mitigation vs adaptation, including: "The Stern Review argues that mitigation is economically efficient. ". HM Treasury. 14 April. 2009 - "The Review estimates the annual costs of stabilisation at 500-550ppm CO2e to be around 1% of GDP by 2050 - a level that is significant but manageable."... "BAU (business as usual) climate change will reduce welfare by an amount equivalent to a reduction in consumption per head of between 5 and 20%."
PrasannaJugade created a background section for Debate: Are social networking sites a major distraction from education?
Penwen360: On Debate: Compulsory voting: "Even if enforceable, compulsory voting causes anti-govt feelings. Democracy is based on the freewill of the individual. Enforcing participation invalidates this."
  • April 25th: Andrdfry added the following argument to Debate: Women in combat: "Russia used women in many different battles during WWII and saw great things with the all female unites. The problem was not about the female unites though. The problem was with the male unites around the female unites had the lowest morale out of all the unites. Seeing women injured or killed made many unites lose complete control."
  • April 25th: Andrdfry added the following argument to Debate: Women in combat: "Russia used women in many different battles during WWII and saw great things with the all female unites. The problem was not about the female unites though. The problem was with the male unites around the female unites had the lowest morale out of all the unites. Seeing women injured or killed made many unites lose complete control."
Voltaire wrote the following argument on Debate: Graduated response antipiracy laws: "Enforcing copyright law online is simply infeasible. Copyright violations are numerous. Many don't even know that they're breaking the law. Even more don't care. Copyright violations is a huge problem, but trying to tackle is like trying to tackle the problem of drugs. It's impossible, and we let the problem balloon up even before we knew what the problem was. Monitoring everybody in the internet is one thing, trying to stop them from violating copyrights is another. Too expensive, too wasteful, too huge. The money and resources spent on tackling this problem by graduated antipiracy response laws would be better spent on creating more jobs, and fighting terrorists in the Middle East."
Lenkahabetinova added related article links to a number of articles surrounding climate change.
Gracec94 made a grammatical edit on Debate: Lowering of drinking age
  • April 17th: Lenkahabetinova added the following argument to Debate: China "one child" policy: "China's "one child" policy causes "gendercide". According to The Economist [4], at least 100 million girls have disappeared in China. They were either "aborted, killed, or neglected to death"- and the number is rising. "...[C]ouples want two children—or, as in China, are allowed only one—they will sacrifice unborn daughters to their pursuit of a son. That is why sex ratios are most distorted in the modern, open parts of China and India."
  • April 15th: Community begins work on next Debate Digest article: Debate: Graduated response antipiracy laws
  • April 14th: Debate Digest: Debate: Network neutrality.
  • April 12th: Ihlybro made a comment on the discussion page of Debate: Lowering US drinking age from 21 to 18: "Yes they should because if you can die for your country you should be able to drink."
  • April 11th: Bbritton made major grammatical edits to Debate: Legalization of Marijuana.
  • April 8th: Debate Digest: Debate: Constitutionality of US health insurance mandates.
  • April 5th: Ruth wrote the following on Debate: Was the world created in six days?: "God did create in six days literally. He is God after all, don't you think He is supposed to be that good? For some reason people don't want to believe it because according to us, it is impossible. Fact is, God can do all things, even those things that seem impossible to us."
  • April 4th: Sjdixon wrote the following argument on Debate: Google decision to stop censoring results in China: "Google's decision to step out of China has reduced access to free and fair information. An important consequence of the Google search engine is that it is possible to look up information on an extremely diverse range of topics in a short amount of time. By withdrawing from China, Google reduces the opportunity for individuals to find relevant information. Consequently, individuals have less information to make important decisions regarding economic transactions, and form independent opinions on political, social, or human rights issues."
  • April 2nd: Lenkahabetinova wrote on Debate: Ban on advertising: "Advertising curbs imperfect information. Advertising curbs imperfect information. Advertising is necessary for consumers, as it not only promotes new products, but it also provides essential information. Imperfect information can result in market failure, therefore anything that limits it should be encouraged."
  • April 1st: TheDream245 wrote on the discussion page of Debate: Condoms in schools: "YES Because most teens today dont get the proper talk about safe sex and how protection is the best way to go...."
  • March 31st: Lenkahabetinova reverted an edit made on Debate: Military draft. You can see that change here.
  • March 27th: Rmjharris outlined the following argument on Debate: Abortion: " Abortion may be immoral, but it is still a woman's right Norval Morris and Gordon Hawkins, The Honest Politician's Guide to Crime Control, 1970: "Abortion may be sinful or immoral, but it is not the function of the law to enforce the whole of morality. It is difficult to understand what religious or moral principle, what divine or human purpose, is served by compelling underprivileged women to undergo pregnancy for the full term and to bear unsought and frequently unwanted children or to risk sickness or death at the hands of incompetent and frequently lecherous and importunate abortionists. No doubt the fact that the price of maintaining this principle is paid almost exclusively by the poor has delayed its critical examination."[5]
  • March 25th: Sholek wrote the following argument/comment on Talk:Debate:TV does more harm than good: "Television Does More Harm Than Good. Rather than increasing the educational channels, television are promoting harmful programs such as violence, sexual activities and also drugs. Television promotes harmful programs rather than focusing on education."
  • March 24th: Concluding site-wide effort to make it clearer how to comment on the discussion pages that come with every article. (See the "discussion" tab at the top of every article).
  • March 22nd: Rohan G outlined on Debate: Death penalty the following argument: "Wrongful convictions do not mean that the system is wrong. It is true that occasionally people are wrongly executed under the capital punishment. However, this does not mean that the death penalty should be abolished. Rather, it means that suspects should be scrutinized more closely."
  • March 21st: Lenkahabetinova has been helping post the following message to talk pages in order to make it easier for users to understand what they can do: "Click on the '+' tab above to add a comment, or just click 'edit'. Sign your comment by writing "~~~~" at the end. Join us on Facebook for broader community discussion."
  • March 20th: TeaCii wrote on Debate: Crime cameras: "Inexpensive camera viewing services are availalable. There are professional services which provide very inexpensive camera viewing over the internet. This is a serious option for people who cannot view their own cameras 24x7 but still would like the service. Check out."Virtual Video Guard
  • March 19th: Debate: War on Drugs was posted to the Debate Digest. It was left, though, with many sections blank or under-developed in order to give other users a greater opportunity to write and document arguments."
  • March 17th: Founder Brooks Lindsay created the empty pro/con article Debate: Pill testing at night clubs. Feel free to be the first to edit this article.
  • March 16th: JusticeForAll. made an extensive argument on Talk:Debate: Gay marriage. "To understand Christ's view on marriage, it is worthwhile to consider his own words. In particular Matthew 19 which covers Christs general notes on marriage and divorce. Matthew 19:12: "For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it." In Christs day, the Greek word Eunukos was used for gay people. The same word is used in Daniel 1:4-9 which concludes "Now God had brought Daniel into favour and tender love with the prince of the eunuchs. [...] So why do so-called "Christians" use out of context passages to punish innocent taxpaying citizens for what they are? Certainly Christ himself would be "rolling over in his grave" to see this type of behavior. Or perhaps it is simply a test of who understands the Word, and who doesn't."
  • March 15th. Wayne Smith added content to Debate: Proportional Representation and an argument on it: Argument: Proportional representation and coalition governments are weaker.
  • March 14th. Debate: Democracy was further developed by Lenkahabetinova.
  • March 13th. Debate: National firearms registry was created by Marykay.
  • March 12th. Debate: Allowing Lehman Brothers to fail was created by TheKing.
  • March 11th. Liberationfromwithin argued on Debate: Capitalism vs socialism that "capitalism necessitates war for profit."
  • March 10th. Mr.hamilton made some editorial improvements to Debate: Guantanamo Bay detention center.
  • March 9th. Stc123 vandalized Debate: Gun control and his/her edits were reverted.
  • March 6th. Lenkahabetinova. added the following argument to Debate: Trade vs aid: "Free trade benefits developing countries more than protectionism. People naturally want to trade with each other, seeking to turn their particular resources or skills to their advantage. All too often trade is limited not because government action is needed, but because the government actually gets in the way with restrictive rules and statist controls. For example, regardless of their terms of trade with developed nations, developing countries could all become more prosperous if they removed the barriers they have erected to trade with each other. Putting the emphasis on trade rather than aid redirects attention from what developed states should or could be doing for the developing world, to what developing countries can and should do for themselves."
  • March 1-5: Debate: Gay marriage was built-out on Debatepedia for the Debate Digest. It is the most comprehensive pro/con article available on the topic, representing a major achievement and contribution to this historic controversy and settling it.
  • March 2: Suzy argued against Kangaroo culling in Australia on the basis that Kangaroos are native to Australia, living in harmony with the environment, and that it is unfair to kill them for not cooperating with unnatural farmland.
  • February 27th: Lenkahabetinova created and built-out Debate: Is NATO a relic?. Needs a background section, more arguments, and a pro/con sources section.
  • February 25th/26th: Debate: Gay marriage became the focus of efforts on Debatepedia, in an initiative to make it into the next Debate Digest article. This will be accompanied by efforts across all the.
  • February 23rd: Liberationfromwithin and Founder User:Brooks Lindsay continued to work on Debate: Capitalism vs socialism. The argument that was deleted was "School uniforms are a tradition worth keeping.".
  • February 19th: Rust5532 created and built-out Debate: Saving parking spaces in snow storms.
  • February 18th: Debatepedia completed a major portal on The People Speak Global Debates (Spring 2010) as well as a significant pro/con article on the topic: Debate: Increase UN Annex I aid for climate change adaptation. Lenkahabetinova added a resource to the portal on adaptation to drought in Ethiopia.
Debate: US special relationship with Israel was created by Founder Brooks Lindsay.
  • February 17th: Salman2135: edited an argument on Civil unions vs. gay marriage: "Civil unions still 'separate, but equal' if straights can do it. The idea that opening civil unions to straights solves the problem of civil unions be "separate, but unequal" fails a very simple test. While heterosexuals may have equal access to civil unions, do gays have equal access to marriage? No. Clearly, therefore, allowing straights to participate in civil unions while continuing to deny gays the right to marry does not nullify the argument that civil unions are akin to "separate but equal" and actually unequal."
  • February 15th: JZ outlined on Debate: Vegetarianism the following argument: "A strictly vegetarian diet can promote health problems. Humans with vegetarian diets are more likely to suffer from fatigue, apathetic behavior, and a lack of concentration. These could negatively affect proficiency in school and the ability to perform well at the site of someone's profession. Other conditions include frequently becoming ill, frequently becoming depressed, and malnourishment."
Scottxilla started some arguments on Debate: One-way, one-person mission to Mars. Lenkahabetinova then wrote a message of encouragement to Scottxilla.


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