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Israel flotilla raid makes it hard to act on Iran

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Supporting quotations

"Will Israel's raid on Gaza flotilla hurt bid for Iran nuclear sanctions?" Haaretz. June 2nd, 2010: "United Nations officials have expressed concern that Israel's deadly raid of a Gaza-bound humanitarian aid convoy earlier this week would affect an international bid to impose a new round of sanctions against Iran over its contentious international program. [...] Despite the International Atomic Energy Association's discovery this week that Iran has been preparing extra equipment for enriching uranium to higher levels, Israel's botched commando raid of a Turkish-flagged ship has shifted the focus within the international community."

Senior American strategist James Philips: "I think this new report should have the effect of strengthening the determination of the council to proceed to tougher sanctions. But now it seems that with this incident with the not-so-peaceful flotilla, the vote may be pushed back – and we could even see some sanctions in [the resolution] stripped out."[1]

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