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Argument:Case studies of the success of water privatization
Argument:Yields from organic farming can be as high as from industrial-chemical agriculture.
Argument: "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"Argument: "Arms" falling under 2nd Amendment can be regulated but not banned
Argument: "Arms" in the US 2nd Amendment does not exclude personal "arms"Argument: "Bear arms" means a military/militia, not individual right
Argument: "Brain drain" is a cost of international openness to foreign studentsArgument: "Choice" to wear burqa is driven by oppressive ideology
Argument: "Clean coal" can dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissionsArgument: "Clean coal" costs are necessary energy investmentArgument: "Clean coal" distracts from better, cleaner alternatives
Argument: "Clean coal" is too expensive to significantly cut emissionsArgument: "Clean coal" processing uses fossil fuelsArgument: "Clean coal" still releases radioactive materials
Argument: "Clean coal" will come too late to help fight global warmingArgument: "Continuation plays" can of course be exempt from instant replayArgument: "Dominion" makes humans stewards; no right to harm/exploit animals
Argument: "Don't ask don't tell" costs military gay recruitsArgument: "Don't ask don't tell" costs the military needed soldiersArgument: "Don't ask don't tell" damages gay troop relationships
Argument: "Don't ask don't tell" does not actively pursue gaysArgument: "Don't ask don't tell" forbids homosexual acts, not gaysArgument: "Don't ask don't tell" fosters discrimination against women
Argument: "Don't ask don't tell" has been upheld in courtArgument: "Don't ask don't tell" has been very costly in dollarsArgument: "Don't ask don't tell" insults and traumatizes gay troops
Argument: "Don't ask don't tell" invites hearsay accusationsArgument: "Don't ask don't tell" is exploited by troops to avoid combatArgument: "Don't ask don't tell" is inconsistent with conservative ideals
Argument: "Don't ask don't tell" is not harming recruitingArgument: "Don't ask don't tell" maintains modest sexual valuesArgument: "Don't ask don't tell" makes gays second class citizens
Argument: "Don't ask don't tell" preserves US military valuesArgument: "Don't ask don't tell" punishes citizens coming-out of closetArgument: "Don't ask don't tell" puts commanders in compromising position
Argument: "Don't ask don't tell" softened military policy on gaysArgument: "Don't ask don't tell" undermines troop morale and unit cohesion
Argument: "Don't ask don't tell" was stepping stone to gays in military
Argument: "Enhanced interrogations" are similar to Nazi methodsArgument: "Enhanced interrogations" effectively obtain info, save livesArgument: "Facebook law" widens gap b/w student lives inside/outside school
Argument: "Frontloading" shifts attention only to the earliest primariesArgument: "God's law" on burqa cannot override secular human rights
Argument: "Good fences make good neighbors"Argument: "Guns don’t kill people – people kill people"Argument: "Happy holidays" covers all the holidays of the season
Argument: "Happy holidays" is part of secular war on ChristmasArgument: "Jewish state" intended to preempt any right of return
Argument: "Jurisdiction clause" in 14th applies to children of undocumentedArgument: "Keep" in the 2nd amendment refers to an individual right to bear arms
Argument: "Mandates" do not require all citizens to buy insuranceArgument: "Merry Christmas" doesn't usually offend non-ChristiansArgument: "Merry Christmas" makes people happier than "happy holidays"
Argument: "Merry Christmas" should be taken in good spiritArgument: "Merry Christmas only" camp is over zealousArgument: "Middle Way" in Tibet adopts Buddhist "Middle Way" (non-extremism)
Argument: "Middle way" wisely supports the Chinese Olympic GamesArgument: "New" Serbia wants to move away from Kosovo problemArgument: "Obligations"/"equality" distract from solving climate change
Argument: "Official English" does not mean "English only"Argument: "One child" causes abortion of daughters, demographic shiftArgument: "One child" changed tradition that more children is better
Argument: "One child" exacerbates China's aging population problemArgument: "One child" generally improves living standards of ChineseArgument: "One child" increases GDP per capita, improves living standards
Argument: "One child" is only partly responsible for reducing China's fertility ratesArgument: "One child" liberates female productivity, improves gender equality
Argument: "One child" policy helps fight against global warmingArgument: "One child" policy undermines family support networksArgument: "One child" will create a generation of men without women to marry
Argument: "Party bosses" are legally permitted to exercise power in primariesArgument: "Passion" for hunting is due to callousness
Argument: "Preconditions" for talking are often what need to be talked aboutArgument: "Proof" of climate change is an impossible standard in science
Argument: "Qualified" foreign students are not national security threatsArgument: "Qualified majority voting" prevents obstruction by a small EU minority
Argument: "Random" breath tests likely to be implemented unequallyArgument: "Reasonable suspicion" in Arizona will lead to racial profilingArgument: "Reasonable suspicion" too high standard for detecting drunk drivers
Argument: "Recycling" nuclear waste is not a viable environmental solutionArgument: "Smart mines" almost never fail to self-destruct
Argument: "Smart mines" become harmless after hostilities ceaseArgument: "Smart mines" can't differentiating between civilians and soldiersArgument: "Spilling seed" is not what God found wicked about Onan's acts
Argument: "Step-up" eliminates capital gains tax from estate taxArgument: "Success" in Iraq impossible; withdrawal should come sooner than later
Argument: "Summer learning loss" harms poor students mostArgument: "Surge" in Afghanistan is costly to other US programsArgument: "Surge" in Afghanistan is necessary to Pakistan's future
Argument: "Surge" in Afghanistan is vital to fight on terrorArgument: "Surge" in Afghanistan will fail as Russians failedArgument: "Surge" in Afghanistan wrongly escalates the conflict
Argument: "Surge" provides necessary troops to secure AfghanistanArgument: "The people" should not be conflated to include only a collective right
Argument: "Thou shall not kill" means "thou shall not murder"; executions okayArgument: "Under God" acknowledges religion is essential to governmentArgument: "Under God" affirms individual rights as divine and inalienable
Argument: "Under God" affirms the religious heritage of AmericaArgument: "Under God" alienates atheists and nontheistsArgument: "Under God" complies with separation of Church and State
Argument: "Under God" does not mandate or coerce religious beliefArgument: "Under God" endorses faith; violates separation of Church and StateArgument: "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance trivializes God
Argument: "Under God" is a cultural/patriotic, not religious, pledgeArgument: "Under God" is an uplifting expression of faith
Argument: "Under God" is cultural; no coercion of Children involvedArgument: "Under God" is neutral between faithsArgument: "Under God" is not a passive cultural expression; it's prayer
Argument: "Under God" is simply unnecessary in a patriotic pledgeArgument: "Under God" teaches children they must be faithful to be patriotic
Argument: "Under God" too ingrained in US culture to get rid of itArgument: "Under God" was rashly added to patriotic Pledge in 1954
Argument: "Under God" wrongly coerces Children to believe in GodArgument: "Under God" wrongly mixes allegiances to country and GodArgument: "Under god" is unconstitutional even if majority want it
Argument: "Uniting for Peace" Resolutions to bypass UN vetoes are only symbolicArgument: "Unwanted" children can be adopted; abortion is unnecessaryArgument: "Virtual fences" have had poor historical results
Argument: "Washing" tar from sands forms highly polluted pondsArgument: $165 million AIG bonuses is not chump changeArgument: $700 billion bailout plan is too little too late
Argument: $700b bailout could go toward excessive pay of greedy CEOsArgument: $700b bailout gives Treasury blank checkArgument: $700b bailout helps avoid widespread bankruptcies/layoffs
Argument: $700b bailout includes oversight/transparencyArgument: $700b bailout is consistent with US government interventionismArgument: $700b bailout is generally well designed to solve US economic crisis
Argument: $700b bailout is important to stabilize volatile global marketsArgument: $700b bailout is slippery slope to socialism
Argument: $700b bailout is unjustified over majority taxpayer oppositionArgument: $700b bailout must be implemented immediately to avoid crisisArgument: $700b bailout offers buyer for frozen mortgages; restores liquidity
Argument: $700b bailout saves Wallstreet by slamming taxpayersArgument: $700b bailout would increase US deficit and interest ratesArgument: $700b bailout wrongly trusts culprits to solve crisis
Argument: $700b plan and intervention in markets worsens problemsArgument: $700b plan bails-out risk-takers who need to learn lessonArgument: $700b plan gives unconstitutionally broad power to Treasury
Argument: $700b plan has been corruptly influenced by WallstreetArgument: $700b plan is better for economy/taxpayers than doing nothingArgument: $700b plan is very unfortunate, but is a necessary evil
Argument: $700b plan may result in few losses or actually profit taxpayersArgument: $700b plan saves economy and taxpayers, not just WallstreetArgument: $700b plan would bail-out greedy capitalists that created crisis
Argument: 0-emission hydrogen cars can slash emissions, fight global warmingArgument: 0-emission renewables are a superior alternative to natural gasArgument: 0-emissions vehicles are a superior option to natural gas vehicles
Argument: 0-emissions vehicles superior to natural gas onesArgument: 14th Amendment permits denying voting rights to criminalsArgument: 14th amendment has great legacy; don't change it to end birthright
Argument: 14th amendment need not be amended, just reinterpretedArgument: 14th amendment was written at a different time, but still appliesArgument: 15%-by-2021 RES is insufficient to liberals
Argument: 18-and-over law enables teaching of responsible drinkingArgument: 18-year-olds are trusted with many things; why not drinking?Argument: 18-year drinking age makes college regulation easier
Argument: 18 drinking age would help fight fake IDs and terrorismArgument: 18 year-olds are mentally/physically mature enough to drinkArgument: 18 year-olds are trusted in war; they should be trusted to drink
Argument: 1947 Arab invasion invalidated "international" status of JerusalemArgument: 1996 sanctions justly followed Cuba shooting down 2 US civilian airplanes
Argument: 1997 Anti-Personnel Landmines Treaty should not be interpreted to include cluster bombsArgument: 1st and 2nd clauses of 2nd amendment guarantee militia and individual gun rightsArgument: 2001 IPCC report concludes humans causing climate change
Argument: 2005 US Strategic Bombing Survey said bombing Japan unnecessaryArgument: 2006 S. Ossetia referendum only exacerbated tensionsArgument: 2008 Tibetan rioters attacked Han Chinese individuals and their property
Argument: 2009 US health bill would do more harm than goodArgument: 2009 US health care bill does not cut costsArgument: 2009 US health care reform is historic improvement
Argument: 2009 US stimulus accommodates Republican tax-cutting viewsArgument: 2009 US stimulus can be paid for by more progressive taxesArgument: 2009 US stimulus has too much pork and wasteful spending
Argument: 2009 US stimulus lacks short-term spending for immediate stimulus
Argument: 2009 US stimulus risks being too small not too largeArgument: 2009 US stimulus will create or save millions of jobsArgument: 2009 US stimulus won't generate consumer confidence
Argument: 2009 bill does not fundamentally reform health careArgument: 2009 health bill forces buying from private insurersArgument: 2009 health bill is much better than nothing
Argument: 2009 health bill is political symbolism, not substanceArgument: 2009 health bill rushed through for political reasonsArgument: 2009 health care reform bill can be improved over time
Argument: 2009 health care reform bill would lower premiumsArgument: 2009 health care reform would cut deficitsArgument: 2009 surge essential to future of Afghanistan
Argument: 2010 US bank tax will kill jobs created/fostered by banksArgument: 2010 US elections show why transparent campaign ads neededArgument: 2010 US financial reform ends "too big to fail"
Argument: 2010 bailout is a matter of EU solidarityArgument: 2010 bank tax is pure populismArgument: 2010 bank tax puts US banks at disadvantage globally
Argument: 2010 bank tax will deter future risk-taking by banksArgument: 2010 bank tax will raise less revenue due to evasionArgument: 2010 banking reform perpetuates "too big to fail" policies
Argument: 2010 financial reform exposes sensitive informationArgument: 2010 financial reform increases transparencyArgument: 2010 financial reform offers important consumer protection
Argument: 2010 financial regs can't end "too big to fail" and bailoutsArgument: 2010 reform expands "shock-absorbers" for next financial crisisArgument: 2010 reforms enable orderly dismantling of failing banks
Argument: 2010 reforms limit size of banks and risks failuresArgument: 21-law causes kids to not seek help out of fear of punishment
Argument: 21 drinking-age creates class of law-breakers; trivializes lawArgument: 21 drinking-age general lowers under-age drinkingArgument: 21 drinking-age has not reduced under-age drinking
Argument: 21 drinking-age just transfers deaths to 21-24 age groupArgument: 21 drinking-age may not be responsible for lower driving deathsArgument: 21 drinking-age punishes parents who supervise drinking
Argument: 21 drinking-age undermines colleges shaping responsible drinkersArgument: 21 drinking age usurps parental role on responsible drinkingArgument: 21 law causes reckless/unsupervised under-age drinking
Argument: 2nd Amendment applies only to collective right of militia to bear arms
Argument: 2nd Amendment conferred individual right to defend against various threatsArgument: 2nd Amendment only protects right to arms in context of militiaArgument: 2nd Amendment rights did not extend to all ethnic groups
Argument: 2nd amendment cannot offer a right to form a militia
Argument: 2nd amendment combines right to militia and individual arms
Argument: 2nd amendment guarantees both militia and individual arms rightsArgument: 2nd atomic bomb on Nagasaki was necessary in achieving surrender
Argument: 4-team college football playoffs open slippery slope to bigger playoffsArgument: 4-team playoff inevitably leads to bigger playoffsArgument: 4-team playoff is good way to determine champs
Argument: 5th amendment of US Constitution allows for executionsArgument: 700 mile fence damages diplomacy and intelligence sharingArgument: 700 mile fence will help secure southern US border against threats
Argument: 9-month schooling crams too much info into shorter periodArgument: 9/11 Commission didn't recommend building a border barrierArgument: 9/11 highlights need for religious tolerance for ground zero mosque
Argument: 9/11 suspects can be convicted without classified evidenceArgument: 9/11 was a one-off incidentArgument: 99% of South Ossetians voted for independence in 2006
Argument: AIG and free markets cannot be relied uponArgument: AIG bailout benefited banks; bank tax justifiedArgument: AIG bonus contracts, like all contracts, are subject to change
Argument: AIG bonus contracts are invalidated by taxpayer bailoutArgument: AIG bonuses are an insult to suffering taxpayersArgument: AIG bonuses are insignificant relative to larger problems
Argument: AIG bonuses blackmail taxpayers with threat of collapseArgument: AIG bonuses make case for bank nationalizationArgument: AIG bonuses represent company's greed
Argument: AIG bonuses reward those responsible for collapseArgument: AIG bonuses stimulate New York and national economyArgument: AIG bonuses would not have been possible without bailout
Argument: AIG contracts no different than invalidated auto contractsArgument: AIG did not file for bankruptcy; bonus contracts still validArgument: AIG employees are not only ones capable of restructuring
Argument: AIG employees fulfilled terms of bonus contractsArgument: AIG employees turned down jobs on basis of bonus contracts
Argument: AIG is obligated by contract with employees to give bonusesArgument: AIG knows best how to spend bailout (even on bonuses)Argument: AIG should reveal contracts so public can judge validity
Argument: AIG was bailed out by taxpayers; bonuses are wrongArgument: AIG workers/execs that caused collapse won't help recoveryArgument: ANWR drilling is opposed by the majority of tribes in Alaska
Argument: ANWR drilling would harm polar bearsArgument: ANWR drilling would result in many "trickle-down" economic benefitsArgument: ANWR has substantial oil reserves and is an important resource to tap
Argument: ANWR oil drilling will lead to the exploitation of other protected areasArgument: ANWR oil drilling would harm ANWR caribouArgument: ANWR oil drilling would require environmentally damaging infrastructure
Argument: A "crowned republic" in Australia is not an adequate republicArgument: A "soft" partitioning of Iraq would reduce sectarian violence in IraqArgument: A 16-team college football playoff would be best
Argument: A 1986 Chernobyl accident would not occur todayArgument: A 2008 US stimulus package threatens to worsen inflationArgument: A 2008 mail-in re-vote in Michigan/Florida would be democratically inclusive
Argument: A 21 drinking age drives a wedge into social groupsArgument: A 700-mile fence is only the first step in securing the whole southern border
Argument: A 700-mile fence will reduce long-term border security costsArgument: A 700 mile fence is like the Berlin Wall
Argument: A DC handgun ban is a reasonable measure against high gun violenceArgument: A European missile defense system threatens and antagonizes Russia
Argument: A Florida and Michigan re-vote could help decide the Democratic nominationArgument: A J.D. opens opportunities in political/govt workArgument: A Kangaroo culling would humanely prevent a population crash
Argument: A Moonbase will help instruct establishing a base on MarsArgument: A Muslim head scarf ban is important to preserving state secularismArgument: A Palestinian state would be dysfunctional
Argument: A Western intervention in Darfur would result in a jihadist insurgency there
Argument: A ban on assault weapons is not a slippery slope to an all gun banArgument: A ban violates the rights of women who freely choose to wear veils
Argument: A binding nuclear ban treaty could workArgument: A border fence will divide border communitiesArgument: A border fence would be harmful to US-Latin American Diplomacy
Argument: A border fence would bisect natural habitats and migrationsArgument: A border fence would not be as effective as other measures
Argument: A border wall will cut-off farmers and water suppliesArgument: A boycott of the 2008 Olympics would antagonize the Chinese peopleArgument: A cap-and-trade creates arbitrary base-lines
Argument: A cap-and-trade schemes cause job lossArgument: A cap-and-trade system better encourages companies to cut their carbon emissions
Argument: A cap-and-trade system is "progressive"
Argument: A cap-and-trade system is susceptible to distortion by lobby groupsArgument: A cap-and-trade system would be harder on government budgetsArgument: A carbon tax addresses carbon emissions in all industries
Argument: A carbon tax adds a clear cost to pollution that incentivizes reductionsArgument: A carbon tax can be adjusted to achieve desired emissions reductions
Argument: A carbon tax can be implemented immediatelyArgument: A carbon tax fairly treats all carbon emissions as "bad"Argument: A carbon tax helps reduce emissions in all industries
Argument: A carbon tax helps symbolize political will to fight global warmingArgument: A carbon tax is a tax, so is more difficult politicallyArgument: A carbon tax is less popular and harder to achieve politically
Argument: A carbon tax is less volatile than a cap-and-trade systemArgument: A carbon tax is more economicalArgument: A carbon tax is more economical than regulations
Argument: A carbon tax is more predictable than a cap-and-trade
Argument: A carbon tax obligates participation
Argument: A carbon tax passes costs on to consumersArgument: A carbon tax passes costs onto consumersArgument: A carbon tax provides better incentives for green innovation
Argument: A carbon tax provides superior incentives for green innovationArgument: A carbon tax requires substantial government monitoring
Argument: A carbon tax shocks consumers into making needed behavioral changesArgument: A carbon tax will cost all taxpayers, not just polluters
Argument: A carbon tax would be more efficient
Argument: A carbon tax would damage an economyArgument: A carbon tax would not damage an economy
Argument: A carbon tax would shock consumers into needed behavioral changesArgument: A cigarette tax is a socially responsible way to pay for health careArgument: A circumcised penis looks better
Argument: A citizen has a "right" to guns as a means to self-defenseArgument: A civil war in Iraq would draw in regional powersArgument: A civil war would disrupt Iraq's oil revenues
Argument: A clear majority of Alaskans support drilling in ANWRArgument: A clear majority of Americans oppose drilling in ANWRArgument: A cloned human would have a diminished sense of identity
Argument: A cluster bomb ban is worthless with so many non-signatoriesArgument: A cluster bomb ban will undermine military alliances
Argument: A cluster bomb ban would jeopardize joint peacekeeping operationsArgument: A combination of weapons can substitute for landminesArgument: A comprehensive US energy plan must include offshore drilling
Argument: A country's trade balance (imports vs. exports) is largely irrelevant
Argument: A fat tax is just as appropriate as cigarette and alcohol taxesArgument: A fat tax will correct a market failure (fatty foods)Argument: A fence is justified as a sovereign regulation of cross-border flows
Argument: A fetus cannot have a right to a woman's body to sustain its lifeArgument: A fetus is no more a human than an acorn is a tree
Argument: A fetus will become a full-grown person, but only with a right to life
Argument: A good solution to the US economic crisis cannot be rushed
Argument: A handgun ban serves to weaken US military preparedness
Argument: A head scarf ban can hinder/prevent Muslim women from marrying
Argument: A head scarf ban will disproportionately impact Muslim girls
Argument: A hydrogen economy would require huge government investmentsArgument: A large majority of Americans oppose lowering drinking ageArgument: A mail-in ballot funded by private interests risks conflicts of interest
Argument: A mail-in ballot risks disenfranchising poor, more transient votersArgument: A mail-in ballot system entails risks of voter fraudArgument: A majority of Americans supported Obama's stimulus
Argument: A majority of dutch disapprove of their country's lax drug policiesArgument: A manned mission to Mars would be too expensiveArgument: A manned mission to Mars would inspire humankind
Argument: A manned mission to Mars would unify humankindArgument: A manned presence on the Moon is superior to a robotic oneArgument: A master's degree helps you network in chosen career field
Argument: A master's degree increases marketabilityArgument: A master's degree is a "must have" for some jobsArgument: A master's degree is a great life achievement
Argument: A masters degree adds to a person's narrativeArgument: A national ID card will make America less secure
Argument: A national champion through a playoff is not importantArgument: A national primary would abandon the healthy caucus processArgument: A national primary would violate Party rights to association
Argument: A national renewable energy standard will increase electricity costsArgument: A nuclear-armed Iran will not provoke a Middle East arms race
Argument: A nuclear Iran is an existential threat to IsraelArgument: A nuclear Iran is an intolerable threat to global securityArgument: A nuclear Iran is not generally a major security risk
Argument: A nuclear Iran may supply the weapon to terroristsArgument: A nuclear Iran undermines prospects for democracy thereArgument: A nuclear Iran will be more aggressive toward Israel
Argument: A nuclear Iran will spark an international arms raceArgument: A nuclear Iran would be more aggressive in the Middle EastArgument: A nuclear Iran would be more inclined to support terrorism
Argument: A nuclear Iran would use oil as a weaponArgument: A nuclear abolition treaty is feasible with worldwide unanimityArgument: A nuclear disaster would be very costly economically
Argument: A nuclear weapons ban could work with rigorous inspection
Argument: A payroll tax could help fund universal health careArgument: A physical fence accompanied with border patrollers will be effectiveArgument: A playoff would still maintain and co-opt bowls
Argument: A poorly timed economic stimulus can do harmArgument: A premature US withdrawal would jeopardize world oil suppliesArgument: A profit health care environment results in more frivolous lawsuits
Argument: A progressive approach could involve a carbon tax rebateArgument: A pure flat tax would be a major burden on the poor
Argument: A reduced VAT on condoms will reduce teen pregnancyArgument: A referendum on an Australian republic could cause a constitutional crisis
Argument: A small and growing hydrogen infrastructure already exists
Argument: A space ring would be far too expensiveArgument: A space shield would be far too expensiveArgument: A speedy end to WWII was critical in saving lives
Argument: A state cannot be denied its right to evaluate foreign students
Argument: A tax rebate is merely wealth re-distributionArgument: A tax rebate is not a sustained, long-term stimulus
Argument: A terrorist strike on a nuclear facility could be devastatingArgument: A troop withdrawal would lead to a refuge crisis in Iraq and regionally
Argument: A two-state solution is the least bad optionArgument: A two-state solution will not end conflict
Argument: A vegetarian diet is healthier for humansArgument: A wall doesn't prevent crossings by false papers or visa overstays
Argument: A wall would force crossers to take more deadly routesArgument: Abandoning "don't ask don't tell" will decrease violence against gays
Argument: Abandoning UN SC veto to constrain the US would be wrongArgument: Abolishing UN SC veto won't solve broader problems in UN SCArgument: Abolishing nuclear weapons is part of fulfilling existing obligations
Argument: Abolishing veto would enable more global action in the UNArgument: Abolition can't uninvent nuclear weaponsArgument: Abortion advocates wrongly value "quality of life" over "sanctity of life"
Argument: Abortion allows women to become better people without a childArgument: Abortion allows women to have sex without fear of pregnancy
Argument: Abortion ban may harm poor, but does not change case against itArgument: Abortion disproportionately affects the African American communityArgument: Abortion does not negatively affect a woman's sexual functions
Argument: Abortion fails to liberate women as often promised
Argument: Abortion forestalls potential societal contributions of a humanArgument: Abortion generally devalues the dignity we assign to life
Argument: Abortion has a tenuous history of support in the USAArgument: Abortion has been opposed by important figures throughout historyArgument: Abortion has positive impact on emotions of most women
Argument: Abortion is a form of eugenics and mass murderArgument: Abortion is important to reducing over-population globally
Argument: Abortion is murder just as infanticide is murderArgument: Abortion is not a just response to social problems facing the unborn
Argument: Abortion is the woman's choice, not the father'sArgument: Abortion is wrongly sought as an alternative form of birth controlArgument: Abortion just when birth control fails (involuntary impregnation)
Argument: Abortion justified in cases of involuntary impregnation by rapeArgument: Abortion may be immoral, but it is still a woman's right
Argument: Abortion often leads to regret, depression, mental illnessArgument: Abortion opens the door to the sexual exploitation of womenArgument: Abortion sets precedent of valuing some humans less than others
Argument: Abortion undermines the dignity of life, promotes violenceArgument: Abortion worsens parenting by devaluing the parent-child relationshipArgument: Abortions are mostly sought when birth control fails
Argument: Abortions are very risky and hazardous to womenArgument: Abortions encourage infanticide
Argument: Abortions under "trying circumstances" are exception not rule
Argument: Abstinence-only correctly responds to an epidemic of STDsArgument: Abstinence-only discourages condom-use, increases risksArgument: Abstinence-only discourages youth sex and risk-taking
Argument: Abstinence-only does not help decrease HIV infection ratesArgument: Abstinence-only effectively reduces rates of teen sex and pregnancy
Argument: Abstinence-only helps discourage out-of-wedlock pregnanciesArgument: Abstinence-only helps youth avoid emotional damage of sex
Argument: Abstinence-only is not effective at reducing teen sex ratesArgument: Abstinence-only is too expensive for so few resultsArgument: Abstinence-only makes it socially acceptable to abstain from sex
Argument: Abstinence-only presumes pregnancy out-of-wedlock is always wrongArgument: Abstinence-only promotes healthy, fulfilling relationshipsArgument: Abstinence-only provides some info on STDs and contraception
Argument: Abstinence-only rightly teaches saving sex for marriageArgument: Abstinence-only wrongly bashes all non-marital sexArgument: Abstinence 100% effective against pregnancy/STDs/HIV/AIDS
Argument: Abstinence may be effective, but teens will never follow itArgument: Abstinence may have value, but only within comprehensive sex-ed
Argument: Absurdly young kids are being entered into pageantsArgument: Abundant natural gas helps lower energy pricesArgument: Abundant solar energy can replace fossil fuels and slash emissions
Argument: Abundant wind energy can displace fossil fuels and slash emissionsArgument: Abuses do not demonstrate corporal punishment is inherently wrongArgument: Abuses happen in monogamy too; why alienate polygamy?
Argument: Acceptance of gay marriage should not be imposed on citizensArgument: Access to driver's licenses will not lead illegal aliens to obtain insuranceArgument: According to Supreme Court, states cannot prohibit gun possession
Argument: Accounting for production energy, solar power still slashes emissionsArgument: Actions more important than badges like MBA
Argument: Adaption efforts may release even more greenhouse gasesArgument: Adaption is not as economical as mitigationArgument: Adaptive charter schools can make necessary changes
Argument: Added health costs from legal marijuana will outweigh new tax revenuesArgument: Added oil supply from ANWR would be a "drop in the bucket"Argument: Addiction researchers can rely on animals having no prior drug use
Argument: Admitting Turkey distracts from fully unifying EU
Argument: Admitting Turkey leads to a slippery slope of non-European admissions
Argument: Admitting Turkey to the EU would cause the Islamisation of EuropeArgument: Admitting foreign students in the national interest
Argument: Adolescents are too emotionally immature to be tried as adultsArgument: Adopting the philosophy of animal rights is individual fulfillingArgument: Adoption is too risky making it a poor alternative to abortion
Argument: Adult courts do not necessarily translate into longer sentencesArgument: Adult incest can occur after family years
Argument: Adults taught incest as children cannot fully consentArgument: Advanced care improves Americans' chances of surviving cancerArgument: Adverse salaries can cause prosecutors to push for plea bargains
Argument: Advocates are fear-mongering to ram through $700b planArgument: Advocates of co-ops are really aiming for socialized medicineArgument: Advocates of extending Bush tax cuts created deficit
Argument: Aerial reforestation cuts costs of reforestationArgument: Affirm action counters systemic exclusion, allows best to riseArgument: Affirm action justly asks whites to sacrifice for common good
Argument: Affirm action mismatches bad students with difficult classesArgument: Affirm action wrongly considers race over econ/edu factors
Argument: Affirmative Action shouldn't neutralize unfair advantages by race, but by wealthArgument: Affirmative Action uses a definition of "diversity" that is too narrow
Argument: Affirmative action contradicts the notion of meritocracyArgument: Affirmative action damages ethos of more qualified non-minoritiesArgument: Affirmative action does more harm than good to minorities
Argument: Affirmative action helps create diverse learning environmentArgument: Affirmative action is only way to level playing fieldArgument: Affirmative action justly compensates groups for past wrongs
Argument: Affirmative action makes race only a small "plus" for candidatesArgument: Affirmative action only deprives whites of unearned opportunitiesArgument: Affirmative action wrongly takes from one group to give to another
Argument: Afg. terrorism is best fought by targeted strikes, not "surge"Argument: Afg "surge" is about ulterior motives, not terrorismArgument: Afg "surge" kills more civilians, feeds insurgency/terror
Argument: Afg is backward, cannot be salvaged by USArgument: Afg only one of many possible terrorist safe havensArgument: Afghan security forces can hardly be trained
Argument: Afghanistan "surge" upholds idea of collective securityArgument: Afghanistan is more stable and governable than often assumed
Argument: Afghanistan is of little strategic value to US/NATOArgument: Afghanistan poses greater threat to US than IraqArgument: Afghanistan supported troop surge in early 2008
Argument: Afghanistan surge draws troops away from vulnerable IraqArgument: Afghanistan troop surge is part of a just war thereArgument: Afghanistan will be Obama's Vietnam
Argument: Afghans support Obama troop surgeArgument: African tariffs and protectionism have been economically harmfulArgument: Age of candidacy of 18 would encourage greater youth participation
Argument: Agile charter schools can quickly respond to meet demandArgument: Aging countries contain health care costs without difficulty
Argument: Agreement of 821 is signal of Tibet unification with ChinaArgument: Agricultural protectionism causes overuse and degradation of landArgument: Aid to the poor has proven unsuccessful
Argument: Air strikes can destroy Iran's nuclear programArgument: Air strikes on Iran would be limited to self-defenseArgument: Airplanes better than high-speed trains for long distances
Argument: Airport body-scanners violate cultural sensitivitiesArgument: Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" presents a number of scientific errors

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