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Difference between education and coaching

What is the difference between education and coaching/ commercial coaching.

Internet Lingo

Should Internet Lingo Be Accepted as Language Evolution?

With the advent of the internet, the world has been thrown into a fast-paced society, where emails replace snail mail, and chatting online has replaced traditional phone calls. A noteworthy side effect to all this technology and speed is how our language has been affected. The use of language has evolved drastically within the last ten to fifteen year. Gone are the days when proper use of grammar and punctuation were regarded as signs of refinement. With today's linguistic style, it seems being refined just isn't cool anymore. Often we see youth use abbreviated words, such as "idk" for "I don't know," of "OMG" for "Oh my gosh." It's also quite normal for people to omit vowels from words when they're spelling. However, language, like all other areas of mankind, evolves, and must evolve. We don't speak like our ancestors did 50 years ago, even if they still spoke "English". So should this new trend of language be accepted as a natural step in linguistic evolution? Or, is this form of language nothing but abuse, which needs to be remedied sooner of later? - BEAST is the B2ST.

is there any human made intelligence?

FREE MARKET-A STEP TOWARDS MAN MADE INTELLIGENCE Dr S. Chakraborty A. P. C Ray Polytechnic Jadavpur Kolkata-700032 India

Representing a market with cost-demand-supply curve, I think its only a generalization. I tried with feedback control loop and I found a better structure. I put cost, supply, demand and feedback (negative or positive feedback) factors as sets the blocks so that cost of a product is the input, supply as the feed- forward factor and feedback parameters as the closed loop feedback factors. The feedback parameters are suggested as: 1) Production cost (production, advertisement & shipping). 2) Government intervention, technology viability and appraisal. 3) Company goodwill. 4) Profit. 5) Market ethics ( honest or dishonest) 6) Monopoly or oligopoly 7) Target people 8) Social welfare 9) Improvement of product quality, future speculation 10) Downstream industries 11) Political compulsions 12) Worker education, ethics & welfare 13) User’s market education

     … and so many.

I feel such a network can ever be demonstrated and solved by closed loop feedback or feed- forward network. Immediately, I found something very striking. If each person is considered to be an intelligent neuron, he will elect or reject a product from other person ( another neuron) depending on all those parameters describe earlier. So, a network is grown up with each moment as new neurons will join it with completely new selection or rejection procedures of a product. Definitely, this structure will be more matured day by day with novelty of intelligent solutions. Moreover the more intelligent persons joining the network, well, I see the first globally unified and fully man made intelligent entity. I can’t exactly tell you what will be the probable convergence of the network. But, one thing I know that I have grown up from a child to an independent man at every next instant of my life as I became more and more matured. I represent a country where nearly free market economy lasted for over 3500 years, until it ended due to the one cause of excessive obsession of Indian economy to a few particular type of products. This network when grown up needs no monitoring and believes in the exchange of products and thoughts of each unit to another unit at every next instant reaching a new maturity level. Lastly, to me, the more each man will pay respect to each and every other man’s selection and rejection procedure of a product the more quickly the network will reach maturity with enhanced sustainability.

placebo is a really good ways to treat patients.

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