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Hello, I'm Brooks Lindsay, the founder and editor of Debatepedia. I live in Washington, DC and am lucky enough to work full-time on the development of Debatepedia. I grew up in Seattle and went to Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, graduating in 2006. It was an interesting time when I graduated Georgetown in June of 2006. I'd had the idea for Debatepedia, fortuitously, when I was on my winter break before my last semester senior year (so, between 2005 and 2006). This was a very creative time in my life, and was coming up with all kinds of ideas. Debatepedia came, like all good ideas, through a realization of a clear need in the world for this kind of a resource. I was reading a book for a class called "taking sides", which featured pro/con essays on select topics, and I was also fascinated at the same time with the implications of Wikipedia's open-source model. I connected the dots and here we are.

But, the difficult thing was that, at the time as a Senior at Georgetown, I was really "supposed" to be applying for jobs. The parentals were none too happy about what I was proposing. I was pretty stubborn and adamant of the potential, and tested the idea with professors and students at Georgetown. Fortunately, I met William Wnekowicz, who was a sophomore at the time, and who would become the chief "techi" genius and co-founder of Debatepedia. I'm anything but technically savvy, and so the relationship was key to the idea's success.

When I graduated, I had to get out of DC and take a break from the scene, and went on a big cross-country road-trip. I settled down in Sun Valley, Idaho in July, 2006 at my Parent's condo to get started on developing Debatepedia. I worked obsessively once the site was up for four months until I decided it was ready, and it was time to return to DC to market the idea and find support. In February of 2007, the International Debate Education Association (IDEA) approached us about helping them with a similar idea. This led to the realization that we would be much better off working together, and so we merged Debatepedia with the International Debate Education Association in the Summer of 2007. Now, we're trying our very best to leverage this great idea by rallying volunteer editors. This is much more difficult than you might imagine, and we are now trying every trick in the book to convince prospective editors that this is a cause worth volunteering for. For sure, the world really does need a "Wikipedia of debate".


  • My talk page: Please feel free to post any comments on my discussion page. Make sure to "sign" them with "~~~~" at the end (you have to be logged in to do this). This way, I can go to your user page and respond on your talk page.
  • Email: You are welcome to email me at brooks[at]
  • Instant messenger: Feel free to communicate with me by instant messenger. I am eager to walk anyone through editing on Debatepedia, so don't hold back.
    • Google screen name: bhlindsay
    • Yahoo screen name: bhl4lindsay
    • MSN live: bhl4lindsay, Brooks.

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